Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Music Video Feedback...

Recently in one of our lessons, we had a crit session where all of the class showed their music videos to each other for the first time for feedback on what everyone thought so far. The feedback my music video received was overall quite positive, and a number of people in my class liked the imagery that I have included in my video. The photo animation technique that I used throughout my video was liked, particuarly the images that I had used of the couple moving towards each other and hugging. There were some areas though that people thought I could improve on, the main one being the pictures I used in my video being too repetitive. They thought it would look quite a bit better if I used other images instead of using certain ones over and over again. I will be taking this into consideration and over the next week or so will be finding new images and ideas that I can use to make the video not as repetitive as it currently is.

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