Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Changes to my Video...

As I wrote in my last post, during the crit session we had last week the people in my class suggested I come up with new images and ideas to replace certain parts of my video in order to make it less repetitive. I was planning to possibly get the members of my band together, take pictures of them and make them move using the same photo animation technique. I was also planning to do this with the image of the couple, getting more pictures of them and again adding them into my video using photo animation again. Unfortunately, I've been unable to get all five members of my group together at once, due to four of the members being too busy and one of the members being away at university. Therefore, I've had to continue with the same images I already had in my original video, and have instead moved certain images around in different orders so as not to make it as repetitive. By viewing the video back with new editing, I think that it has been improved and doesn't look as repetitive as it originally did. So for now it looks like my video is finally finished!

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